"Ministering to the abused
with the love of Christ, and
teaching and equipping
others to do the same.
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Hidden Treasure Ministry
PO Box 491
Grandview, MO 64030

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Who we are

Foundational Scripture: Isaiah 45:3 “I will give you the treasure of darkness, riches stored in
secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by
name.” (NIV

Vision Statement: To bring emotional and physical healing through prayer ministry, teaching,
training, material provision and evangelism.

Mission Statement: To bring emotional healing to those who have been traumatized by
sexual abuse and support their families through teaching, emotional support, listening, prayer and
discipleship in the Christian faith. We will endeavor to recruit and train up others to minister to do
the same.

We also endeavor to prevent abuse in all forms by helping people through education, discipleship,
training and prayer ministry to strengthen their families and individual lives.
How? - The Activities


-provide healing discipleship (pastoral counsel) and prayer individually.


1. Create a curriculum and a book on the emotional healing process from sexual abuse.
Create teaching CD’s with key themes. Create a monthly newsletter with teaching articles to
raise awareness and interest for further training.

2. Make available information on possible training options (schools, seminars, etc.) and
materials they can purchase such as books and teaching CD’s.

3. Create training opportunities (seminars, schools) to learn to minister healing to abuse
survivors (through discipleship and prayer). Possibly create situations where people can
come and be ministered to in a group setting.


Take ministry teams to other countries, to train others to minister to the broken-hearted
and strengthen families through events (seminars), teaching materials with specialized
training for professionals such as policemen and social workers.


Create outreach teams that will provide an opportunity for intensive growth and discipleship
for individuals who are struggling with emotional and relational brokenness.


We hope to promote healing through any possible means that presents itself: evangelism,
mercy ministry (food, book, clothing distribution etc. and subsidized referral counseling) –
whatever might allow people to pursue healing.


Discipleship and personal counsel is not just about healing, but about calling people out of
their darkness and into their own destiny and calling. True healing is established when we
give it away to others, and therefore it is multiplied. (Mt 10:8 …You have received freely,
freely give.)


Facilitating evangelism efforts both on small and large scales. This includes but is not limited
to evangelistic campaigns to reach people for Christ as a means of true healing.

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